You ask Shecky through the window of his trailer if he can tell you anything else about the car. Shecky cracks open the window slightly, but he still cowers behind the blinds.

“I’m not one for the dark arts,” Shecky explains. “I prefer the light arts. Family sitcoms, word jumbles, dog calendars, that sort of thing. However, this guy wrapped entirely in bandages comes in with the car. All he wanted for it was an old jade necklace I got from this Egyptian-guy-I-know’s garage sale. So I took the car, gave him my plastic Mardi Gras beads instead, as a fun joke, and he got real angry with me. I think he cursed the car, because it killed the last five people who test drove it, but who can say what’s a curse and what isn’t in this modern age?”

Shecky rubs his temples. “Ugh… My life? It ain’t goin’ so great.”

As it so happens, you’ve seen a lot of mummy movies, so now you feel better prepared for the task ahead.

Now “driving” includes watching a movie or TV show where a character was driving.

You’re going to drive the Camaro. When was the last time you drove?

If you never learned to drive, click here – even if you’ve seen driving in a movie or TV show.

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