As the Grossblins destroy the prank shop, you’re deep in thought.

“Something happens when they eat deep dish pizza,” you try to remember. “Either they die instantly… or get very horny. Wait… is it both? No, I think they’re not supposed to have over 2000 calories per day or they get heart disease. Yeah, and there’s another rule about music. Light jazz makes them multiply… Hip-hop gives them unique personalities… But what about hip-hop with jazz samples, like Gang Starr? Does it do both? Or do the effects cancel each other out? Remember Gang Starr? And isn’t there another rule about not letting the Grossblins open their Christmas presents until after Labor Day?”  

The Grossblins are shredding the t-shirts where monkeys ride banana motorcycles, and you’ve lost valuable time!

To prank the Grossblins away, text someone you know with an iPhone a GIF of “typing dots” and nothing else until they reply.

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