Something catches your eye at the front entrance to the mall. One of the Grossblins’ disfigured bodies lay in the rock salt outside. You suddenly remember salt melts both snow and Grossblins. That was one of the very memorable rules!

Time to prank into action. You sneak back inside Poopie’s and crouch behind the counter. There’s a cardboard box, which you tear open to reveal rainbow lollipops. You start tossing the lollipops over the counter and onto the main floor. The Grossblins are intrigued. They fight each other for a taste. First they lick the candy, then they bite down and slobber them up, not realizing the core is made of… potassium cyanide, a highly toxic salt! Selling them would be a liability, as hilarious as they are, but they make great Grossblin traps.

The Grossblins melt all over the floor in a puff of smoke, screaming in agony. When it comes to murder pranks, you can hang with the best of them.


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