The owner of this Poopie’s Pranks is deeply religious. He always says that Jesus was the original prankster. Apparently, Jesus turned water into wine as more of an icebreaker to lighten the mood at parties. It gives you an idea…

Time to prank into action. You sneak back inside Poopie’s and crouch behind the counter. Then you pop back up with two stiff “didgeridildos” (they double as wind instruments) held in the shape of a cross. You scream at the Grossblins to go back to the underworld from which they came!

They stare at you blankly, then go back to pelting each other with “Science is Frickin’ Rad” lunchboxes. Maybe these aren’t Christian demons? Does Buddhism have demons, you wonder, as the Grossblins continue trashing your store.

Eventually, the Grossblins get bored strangling each other with mankinis and leave. Trying to get ahead of your boss, you get on the phone with corporate to ask whether store insurance covers supernatural mischief. At least the hold music is Toto’s “Hold the Line,” a clever choice!


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