“I’ve gotta take a squat over the shit kettle,” you tell Omarious with sophisticated grace, as you pocket the sunshard. You hurriedly make your way over to meet Marjorie, who has steam coming out of her ears. (Upon closer inspection, that’s just smoke coming off her burning hands.)

You quickly come clean to Marjorie, admitting that you stole the crystal from her shoppe Wyndchymes. However, once you sell the sunshard, you offer to split the take with Marjorie and give her a cool half a percent on net profits.

“You stole from me!” Marjorie screams. “I was just angry you forgot your receipt. Here is your receipt. Now prepare to be burned alive!”

You always knew honesty wasn’t the best policy. This cinched it. You desperately run back to the table and Omarious asks what’s going on.

What will you do?

If you’d like to harness the power of the sunshard, look out your window.

If you wear a face mask when you go outside, or would if you weren’t under quarantine, you can harness the sunshard even if it’s dark or cloudy out. Yay masks!

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