There’s no weaseling out of this jam. You decide to unleash the power of the sunshard! Remembering a little spellcraft you learned in college, you hold the sunshard into the air while repeating the words, “Dharmas e gregga, jenna elfmanna…”

Everything disappears in a flash of yellow light. Marjorie, Omarious, Wands, the caricature of Tony Abracadanza on the wall – the whole world is suddenly gone.

You squint above you at a blinding light. It’s a winged angel cloaked in white robes. She turns down her angelic glow, so you don’t strain your eyes.

“Is that better?” she asks. You tell her it’s much better.

“You used the sunshard to transport yourself to the Overworld Kingdom,” she explains. “This is where lost souls come to repent and receive ultimate forgiveness–”

“Wait, am I dead?” you ask aloud, and it’s not the first time.

“No, you’re not dead. You’ll be able to go back to your own world. But since you’re in our righteous kingdom, thief, I need you to do something for me–”

“What is it? Do I need to make amends for my past sins?”

“You need to not cut me off, first of all! No, I have a little mission for you. The two of us? We’re going to steal the ultimate treasure: God’s gold! Now, here’s the game-plan…”

As the angel explains how air ducts work in the Overworld Kingdom, you’re grateful to have the opportunity to steal valuable treasure from a sucker like God.


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