“This woman is trying to kill me for absolutely no reason!” you breathlessly tell Omarious.

“Oh yeah?” Omarious sympathises. “Happens to me all the time. I’ll take care of it.”

Omarious stands between you and Marjorie. She reaches over his shoulder to try and grab you, but you slink back. Omarious pushes Marjorie backwards.

“This stranger – a woman I’ve never seen before in my entire life – is trying to hurt defenseless little ol’ me!” you lie at the top of your voice, so the whole restaurant hears you.

“Is this true?” Omarious asks Marjorie, whose face is red with rage, embarrassment, and red crystal powder from her workshop.

“Just wait ‘til I get my hands on you!” she shouts. 

Omarious uses his red magic to cast a fire cage around Marjorie! Marjorie’s arms turn into firewings, shattering the cage! She flings a tiny fireball to set Omarious’ beard on fire! Omarious shakes his head, and his fake beard falls off… turning into a firebeast, which lunges at Marjorie!

You see an opportunity to exploit everybody by taking bets among the customers on who will win the wizard battle. By the time Wands has burned entirely to the ground, you are incredibly rich, and fleeing with everyone’s cash to the town of Dankmore! Sure, you’ll likely never be able to set foot in Moredank again, but the churros here are overrated anyway.


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