You crack your knuckles, then grab the steering stick of your PT Starcruiser. Time to see if Spaceship Consumer’s “Best Spaceship for Light Grocery Runs” can handle rough terrain. 

A big asteroid barrels toward your ship’s windshield. It gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Your eyes narrow. With lightning fast up and forward motions – you smash head first into the asteroid and bounce out of control. Ooof!

Your energy shield take a serious beating as you crash into asteroid after asteroid with all the grace of a first week spaceship driver’s ed student. Yes, you are a skilled holo-diamond thief, but apparently those skills don’t translate to weaving through a dangerous asteroid field.

The PT Starcruiser’s energy shields are almost depleted. The cockpit is blinking red, which is superfluous and a bit annoying. You know you’re crashing into asteroids! The red light is unnecessary, thank you!

What will you do?

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