You sigh to yourself, then dial Johnny Eyeballs on the vid phone. Johnny picks up, blinking more menacingly than ever!

“Heyyyyy Johnny!” you say, smiling sheepishly. “Listen, I was just yanking the ol’ eye-chain before. I’ll definitely give you all the holo-diamonds I stole from you. In exchange, could you get me out of this deadly asteroid field? Uh, please?”

“Send me yer coordinates,” Johnny commands. “Once I pick you up, you work for me now. Space capiche?”

“Space capiche,” you nod, emotionless. Johnny hangs up.

This is fantastic! You stole the holo-diamonds from Johnny to prove you were a worthy enough thief to join his gang, The Peeping Tomulans. Sure, you got a little greedy once you had the holo-diamonds in your possession, but who wouldn’t? Holo-diamonds are pretty and full of rainbows. Johnny will understand.

Congratulations on landing your dream job as an entry-level space mobster!


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