Wurble is one foot tall, and shaped like a person made of green slime. When he sleeps, his seat belt sinks inside his body. Wurble is the best goddamn napper in the galaxy.

You poke Wurble with a metal rod. He slime body wiggles uncontrollably, waking him up.

“Pffffft prprpr pththth!” Wurble says, then clears his throat. “Whoa, I almost swallowed my own tongue just now. Wouldn’t it be weird if that was how I talked, but you somehow understood me?”

You brief Wurble on the situation. Before going back to sleep, Wurble suggests landing on a big asteroid and seeing where it takes you. After all, an asteroid would be just as quiet and empty as Planet Hollywood Planet, and with no exorbitant parking fees.

That’s exactly what you do. A few failed attempts and far more dented PT Starcruiser later, you land on a big asteroid. This is the perfect time to chill out, count your holo-diamonds, and not wake up Wurble. He had a good plan, let the slime guy get some sleep!

It turns out the asteroid is on a direct collision course with Earth, but you get off way before it eventually wipes out all life on that dumb planet… and did I mention you’re now very rich?


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