“Well,” the giant head snaps, impatiently. “I’m waiting for you to say something!”

Ah, but you cannot, for you are about to sneeze. You thought you had a handle on it before, but this snotty bad boy is coming out and you’re sending it straight into Nodlin’s pulsating right eye!

“Achoo,” you shout whilst pushing down your left nostril, blasting a stream of goo into your enemy’s oversized cornea from the right.

“Ahhhh!” Nodlin squeals. “It stings! And I’m an extreme germaphobe, so this is actually worse than just stabbing me!”

You decide to take advantage of this opportunity and attack Nodlin the Nasty, now with better odds of success than before, to the tune of +1!

Roll a six-sided die:

If you roll a 3 or higher, click here.

If you roll a 2 or lower, click here.

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