You lift your powerful sword, and just as you leap gallantly into the air…

“Achoo!” you blurt out as you sneeze. After all, “achoo” is a well-established sneeze word. Your sneeze causes you to involuntarily let go of your sword and smack head first into Nodlin’s brick-like forehead.

You fall helplessly through the air, your arms flailing like pool noodles in a tidal wave. Nodlin instinctively opens his gigantic mouth and eats you whole in one quick bite. He burps, comically.

You continue falling, but now through the inter-dimensional tunnel inside Nodlin’s mouth. It’s pitch black in the tunnel, save for the twinkling purple lights. If you were high, you would think it was pretty neat, and quite fortunately, you have been high this entire story!

A long, wooden board floats over to you. After grabbing the board, you climb on top of it and surf the void. You may not know where this cosmic tunnel is headed, but one thing’s for sure: you’re about to have the greatest summer of your life.


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