You lift your powerful sword, flexing your well-toned biceps as you do, and leap masterfully into the air!

SPLAP! You shove your sword into Nodlin’s left eye. Blood spurts from the wound and Nodlin haphazardly floats around, bumping into the stone walls as he loses consciousness.

“Remember me,” the sinister sorcerer pleads. “Remember how big and cool my head was…”

Nodlin collapses. You walk to the wooden Kidnapping Room door and turn the handle. Inside the dark closet, amongst the dusty brooms and unused bottles of floor cleaner, you find King Moredank! He’s tied to a wooden chair with rope, a gag over his mouth. Classic kidnapping, easy to imagine. You undo the knots and the king stands triumphantly.

“Noble warrior,” says the king, “You are a Hero of Moredank. When we get back to the castle, I’m going to give you the nicest paper certificate you’ve ever seen. Suitable for framing!”

You smile to yourself. Finally, something to put on the walls of your boring bedroom. With all your adventuring, you never found time to give the room a personality. Soon your greatest problem will be solved!


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