The warp opens up, dropping you into a friendly, adorable green world. The clouds all smile at you. The spike pits glisten in the sun. The alien bugs who kill you with one touch march to a catchy synth beat in the air. You stomp on top of a three foot tall bug, crushing his skull, deleting him from existence. Cute! 

Just ahead is a glowing box rotating in the air. You run up to the box and punch it, as you do with most boxes. The box bursts open, revealing a Golden Key.

You Have +1 Golden Keys
(Unless you already collected this key. Yeah, your progress is saved.)

If you have 3 Golden Keys, click here. Otherwise…

A misshapen Warp Zone appears in the air with two sides – one is bright blue, the other a dirty peach. Which side of the warp would you like to enter?

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