This is how you find yourself at… wait. You were trying to head for the South of France and had visions of sunning yourself along the Côte d’Azur with a sparkling glass of rosé in your hand but is that… a city rising from the water?

Drat those ghost pirates, this must be some kind of trick. 

Sure enough, you find yourself docking before the labyrinthian city of Elba, and is that… Napoleon walking toward you? Sure enough, his hat begins to fall from his skull as he saunters toward the ship and his grin feels a whole lot less cocky without the skin on it. Ever the blowhard, Dead Napoleon blows your ship away with his hurricane breath.

The next morning, you head back to the Captain’s Quarters to try a different location…

Florida Coast

Fukuoka, Japan

Bregenz, Austria

Puerto Rico


By Elle Griffin, who is about to release her gothic novel via Substack. 

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