You see a coastline city called “Occlaio” on the map and draw the line towards it. The ship creaks and groans as it sways in the choppy waters to change direction.

You let out a sigh of relief and take a moment to look at the map a bit more. You notice it’s particularly dirty, no doubt from the years of ghost-pirate adventuring and just a real lack of general upkeep by said ghost-pirates. You brush off the map a bit and notice there’s a lot more dirt on it than you initially realized.

Your hand brushes off the “Occlaio” that you had originally seen, and you realize that dirt was covering parts of the letters of the true name of the city you’re now heading for: Oddland. 

Oddland, the Terror of the Earth. With men brought to life from blocks of cheese, a half-robotic mayor who does as he likes, mummified teenagers and other horrors that make the pirate ship actually seem like the discount vacation it was billed to be.

As the ship steadily heads toward Oddland, a lump in your throat forms. Despite your desperate trying, you can’t seem to swallow it out. 


Read more about Oddland and learn about small city inter-governmental politics/fights to death in The Weirdy Wordy.

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