The mob boss’ office is on the third floor, up a final flight of stairs in a walled off area. Upstairs, you can hear your parents’ cries for mercy. His office is guarded by two goons. More goons? Man, this guy’s got a lot of goons. You’re pretty much gooned out.

You decide to take on the strength goon. He looks like he could easily kick your ass, but you decide to challenge him first. You always were a bit of a masochist. When you give him a hard jumping kick, he barely moves. When you follow-up with an uppercut, he just laughs, as though you tickled his square chin. This is going poorly.

The strength goon and wide goon beat you pretty bad, until mama goon rings the dinner bell. It’s baked ziti night, so they leave you with a bloody face, a broken rib, and worst of all, a shattered ego. (Actually, the rib is worse.)

Lose -6 health points.

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