As you walk around the second floor, the environment begins to flicker and glitch around you.

“Is your reality becoming… undone?” asks the nerdy gamer goon, swiveling around in her black leather chair. She wears a VR helmet that is very cool. It has a light-up strip around the edges. Very cinematic! “Allow me to control-alt-delete your mind.”

You decide to file-save your mind. Somehow, the gamer goon must have snuck a VR helmet onto you. You did get knocked out for a minute or two fighting Lasagna Goon, who whacked you over the head with his signature lasagna pan.

Searching around, you find an open bottle of water on the floor. You pour it all over your face, which electrocutes the VR helmet on your head and unlocks it. It electrocute you, too, but those are the breaks. The short-circuiting of your helmet also electrocutes her, because that’s how computers work.

You beat up 1 goon and lose -3 health points.

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