You lower your head, wiggle your butt, then leap off the chair and pounce onto the big red button!

However, landing on the slippery plastic button throws you off-balance, and you clumsily hit the desk. When you get up to scurry away, you knock over several papers, a lamp, a medal, and a red, white and blue bong.

“Excuse me, gentlemen,” the president says, then gets up and walks over to you with a spray bottle. “But I need to impeach my goddamn cat.”

Just then, out the window, two other car-birds race across the sky and blast the threatening car-bird to smithereens. The explosion causes all the humans in the room to stand and run towards the window. 

You sneak out the door of the Oval Office. You may well be impeached later, but for now, you got to murder a bad bird. Pretty cool.


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