You fish something out of your pocket in front of the 7-Eleven-38W6D4-X.

“Hold on,” you state, showing the robot your fake NAP ID. “I’ve got a very real NAP ID right here. See? Three-headed kitten hologram and everything. So, would you mind going in and buying Earth Beer for me? As the ID says, I’m 37 Earth years, and therefore my back is killing me.”

If you get caught using the fake ID inside the convenience port, law troopers will throw you in laser prison. Hopefully, the android believes your fake is real. It reaches its finger out to scan the card with a red light… then the laser burns the card to a crisp.

“This ID is fraudulent. The holographic kitten was insufficiently cute. Furthermore, where it says ‘Sex:’ the ID read ‘Plenty!,’ which is a humorous though inconclusive response. Thus, I took the liberty of destroying it for you,” the robot states. “Can I assist you in any other way?”

What would you like to do?

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