No loser robot on a shitty asteroid for jerks is gonna tell you “no.” This android should be begging to buy you beer. Soon, it will!

You pull out your blaster.

“Enough chit chat. Time for zip zap. Go inside and buy me a 6-pack of Earth Beer or I’ll splatter your circuits across the parking lot,” you state, convincingly!

The android wordlessly nods and enters the 7-Eleven-38W6D4-X. You smile and turn to give your buddies a thumbs up, but the starship captain of the robot’s ship has blasted them all with a stun laser. By the time the robot returns with your Earth Beer, you are lying comatose on the ground.

When you wake up a few hours later in the parking lot dumpster with your friends, you realize that getting stunned is actually a great high! In your delirious visions, you imagined bathing in an Earth Beer waterfall with mermutants. You’ve gotta get stunned more often.


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