In this emergency situation, you decide to do the most helpful thing you can think to do: spending a long time looking around the room and commenting on everything. 

This glass room was carved out of the entrance hall. The glass brick wall made it look like a real estate office. (Zing!) Where on earth did she scrounge for such a hideous chaise lounge? (Zing x2!) Someone messily left their fur coat lying on the floor. Whatta slob! (Zing x3 – Zing Combo!) Oh wait, that was probably Edna’s coat, and now she’s dead. (Sad Realization!)

Picking apart the furniture choices has calmed you down for the moment. It’ll be easier to leave without carelessly littering the room with evidence of your presence. Huzzah!

To leave the house immediately, have a look at the “Lauded Books from the 1940s” list below. Give yourself 1 point for every book you’ve read. 

Lauded Books from the 1940s

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