You get up. Nobody’s pinning a wife murder rap on you. Nope, not today.

On an end table in the room is Edna’s leather address book. This will be your key to salvation. Your insurance policy. If the cops do suspect you, all you have to do is live out the next day as if you were Edna, going to all her appointments, until you find her killer. It’s a brilliant idea for too many reasons to get into in the moment, but you make sure to congratulate yourself out loud.

You exit the glass room, leaving the door open, and your fingerprints smudged on it. Whoops! In a minute, you’re behind the wheel of your convertible. The police pull up to the house just as you’re leaving. Sirens fade into the background as you race down the road.

You incriminate yourself a little, so it will take a few days for the police to track you down. At least you’ve got Edna’s address book. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be solving a mystery, and livin’ la vida Edna!


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