Time to take on King Monkey Guy, which is what everyone calls King Kong in this universe. The word is that he doesn’t like the nickname, but it stuck.

You’re not afraid of some shit-tossing gorilla. After all, wasn’t his heyday like, 90 years ago? You fearlessly run up to King Kong and go ape on him!

How to fight:

  1. Roll a six sided die.
  2. If the roll is 4 or more, you hit King Kong for half your strength. (Rounded up.)
  3. If the roll is 3 or less, King Kong hits you for -5 Stamina.
  4. Whoever gets their opponent to 0 Stamina first wins!

If you lost the fight, click here.
If you defeated King Kong, and still need to battle Godzilla, click here.
If you defeated both Godzilla and King Kong, click here.

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