You end the battle with your signature curb stomp – and with that, both monsters are out cold. Well done! The question of who’s better, Godzilla or King Kong, has finally been answered. It’s you, the Greatest of All Kaiju. There’s gonna be, like, a thousand movies about you.

It’s time for your well-earned victory nap. You find the softest building you can find, the legendary Times Square Buca di Beppo, and punch it into a pile of dirt, rubble, and red sauce.

You close your eyes and drift off. Then you hear a persistent stomping sound. It’s probably nothing, but you open one eye to check. Hovering over you are Mothra, Rodan, King Caesar, King Ghidorah, a lot of other self-proclaimed monster kings. Now that you’re the greatest, they want a piece of you. A kaiju’s work is never done!


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