You’re going to make like a tree and bolt like a coward.* After all, is this gig following around a bunch of soon-to-be-eaten adventurers worth dying for?

You slowly back away into the darkness of the forest. Suddenly, you hit a wall of energy. It stops you from going any further backward. Whenever you touch the wall, it becomes visible… and looks like a giant version of the wizard’s contract you signed in the bar.

“I guess this is how a dying wizard enforces a contract,” you mutter to yourself. “With magical bullshit.”

One of the giant spiders slashes at you with its sharp claw, scratching you across your non-lute-playing arm! Ouch!

You only have one option, which is to play a magical song to the spiders…

Open a music app on your phone or computer.

* Of course, this joke is a reference to the Cowardly Trees of Quidonia, who live in Wimp’s Grove two forests over.

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