You inch your chemically-infused popsicle stick towards the vat of bubbling blue sugar sludge. Suddenly, you pull back. This is all a bit reckless! Not the experimental science or the ethical implications. You just forgot to double check your formula and get some feedback from trusted advisers. It also wouldn’t hurt to do a bit more research. After all, this isn’t bar trivia night. You won’t be “penalized” for “cheating” by getting “permanently banned” from O’Triviagann’s. This is all very real science! You don’t have to have all the answers in your head. Might as well use all the tools at your disposal to come to the best answer!

A few nights later, you have more solid foundation and have made adjustments to your creams and slimes. You also wear plastic goggles and gloves for safety. You’re ready to begin the experiment!

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