This teen wants a show, so damn it, you’re gonna give him one.

You zoom through the dining room, leaning from left to right, balancing your turns. You fly past the framed black and white stock photo of two children holding hands. You do a loop-de-loop in the air, narrowly avoiding a ceiling fan. In the process, you lose an onion, but it was worth it.

There’s a loose tablecloth haphazardly draped over a counter. You maneuver under the tablecloth and levitate it, so you look like a red and white checkered pizza ghost! The chef was just managing to get back to her feet, but when she sees you now, her eyes roll back and she faints. The teen laughs. Maybe you should’ve read the room on that one.

He quickly posts the video of you floating. The teen has 14 followers, three of which comment:

“obvious faaaaaake”
“you SUCK at after effects”  

The teen furiously defends himself, calling the commenters “lame ass bots” who “don’t know shit about floating pizzas.” He’s now sitting in a booth, distracted. You lean to the right and the tablecloth falls off you.

What would you like to do?

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