You float over to the chef near the kitchen door. Clearly, she needs comfort in this stressful time. When you get near her, she snaps up to her hands and knees. The chef crawls into a corner and whips out a pizza cutter from her apron.

“Stay back, pizza ghost,” she says, jabbing the cutter in your direction. “I’ll slice you!”

This is going to be difficult. You concentrate hard, exerting all your physical strength. You coalesce your cheese into the shape of a human hand. You stretch your mozzarella hand over to the chef, extending the cheese index finger as a gesture of peace.

The chef stares for a moment, then puts down her pizza cutter. Tear stricken, she lifts her trembling hand and touches her finger to yours. It’s like the Sistene Chapel, only pizza.

She nods at you. You float down a little, attempting a nod of your own. And in that moment, you form a friendship that lasts a lifetime.


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