You heroically point at Lord Cramulock™ with your DinoSword™. It shimmers and sparkles, reflecting the practical fluorescent lighting of the DinoCaveLair™.

“How about a little taste… of Dino-Might™?” you shout rhetorically. The other DinoSwords™ cheer, then cough up blood, as you stand strong.

“BarfBorgs™… BARF!” commands Lord Cramulock™ in his grating shriek. Acid flies at you from every direction. Luckily, your DinoSword™ is acid resistant, and shields you from wave after wave of robotic spew. 

You kick Lord Cramulock™ in his alien stomachs using your DinoFoot Action™. Then you get behind him and use his body to shield you from the acid. Unfortunately for Cramulock™, his body is not acid resistant, and he disintegrates into Cramugoo™!

“Noooo… destroyed by…. my own… barfzzzz…” says Lord Cramulon™, realizing the poetry of the moment. A few Twirling DinoSword Spin Actions™ later and the BarfBorgs™ are robo-toast.

You saved the lives of all your DinoBudz™, assuming they don’t die from the wounds they already received. You limp over to the DinoComm 3000™, which is just a landline phone with a plastic dinosaur on it.

“Are you calling us an ambulance?” asks Dactyl Dan.

“Even better,” you say. “I’m ordering us calzones!”


…or is it?

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