No, it is. Except for this one thing…

“You saved our lives,” Utahrapper™ smiles. “You know what that means?”

You tap your electronic DinoControl™ earpiece three times. A funky, in-your-face hip-hop beat fills the room. Utahrapper™ grabs a mic and spits a few choice rhymes:

“Bigger than a turtle. Faster than a shark.
We’re the dino crew repping Jurassic Park.
Dactyl Dan™ is strong. Steggo™ brings the tech.
Our depressed alcoholic? He goes by T-Wrecks™.
Utahrapper™ here. I bring the rap game.
Our leader’s so rad – doesn’t need to be named.
Lord Cramulock™ with his barfing cyborgs
Didn’t last a full season on DinoSwords™.
He died mid-first season on DinoSwords™.
He didn’t focus group well. Kids got bored.
But we sold enough toys for more DinoSwords.™
Another 67 episodes of Dino–”

Utahrapper™ stumbles around, then passes out due to blood loss.

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