Time travel is super fun, but it can’t solve every problem. On the other hand, magic can solve every problem. Scrooge will feel the spirit of the holidays when you zap it into him with your ghost magic.

“HOLIDAY FORCE ACTIVATE,” you exclaim, hand outstretched to the heavens!

A few green and red sparkles pop in the air. Then silence. You realize you forgot to charge up your ghost magic in the Holiday Ghost Power Chamber™ (sold separately) before leaving your ghost apartment today.

“I’m so frightened by your army of harmless fireflies,” Scrooge mocks. “Oh, please don’t injure me with your pretty sparkle lights.”

Christmas Future rubs the back of his head uncomfortably. He won’t make eye contact with you. Alright, fine. Looks like you’ll be time traveling after all. Where to?

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