You grab a plain white coffee cup from the tray of clean cups and head over to the pot. There’s enough for a good cup, but the timer marker says it’s time to throw it out.

You look at the clock knowing you close in the next 5 minutes, meaning you’d be making a full pot for one customer, or you’d be giving the Grim Reaper coffee that was bad. 

You start to question your choices. Would the Grim Reaper prefer coffee that had expired? Why were you even going with coffee as your specialty? If you made a fresh pot and didn’t want to be wasteful could you do something else?

You turn to the Grim Reaper. “Hi, so I don’t know, I was going to get you coffee, and the current pot is spent and… is this some sort of a test?”

The Grim Reaper stares at you. “This is a test.” They pull off their mask to reveal themselves to be Stanley Burkon of the health board, your enemy.


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