“How about a decryption contest?” you frantically ask the screen. “If I can decrypt the file faster, you don’t take my soul. If you decrypt it faster, my soul is yours.”

“Challenge accepted,” the devil replies. “The file is in the main directory – D3V1LXDAN13L_W3BST3R.exe. It’s a practically illegible literary reference. Let the decryption begin!”

You type faster than an overclocked Pentium 2 on a sunny day. You run the file through multiple decryption algorithms, until bingo bizango, you open the file!

“Noooo!” screams the devil. “Why do I keep accepting these dumb challenges for souls? I should just take the souls and be done with it!”

The file opens in your text reader. There’s a bunch of 1’s and 0’s below a header that reads, “EMBRACE THE CHAOS ☠” Hold on a second. You know a hacker who loves embracing the chaos…

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