“Chaos?” you ask your computer. “Chaos Megacharge, is that you, cyber-buddy?”

“Silence, you insolent fool!” shouts the demon of demons. “How dare you insinuate that I– ahhhhhh, you got me, digi-pal. Oh, and here’s another surprise…”

The server boots you off, and then the doorbell rings. You go down the stairs of your mom’s apartment and open the front door. A man in a Satan mask stands in front of you, holding a white box. He gives it to you, then slowly walks away. Backwards. Laughing. Into the pouring rain. He stumbles over a dog walker, but regains his composure and keeps going.

You open the box. It’s a cake shaped like a blue Snood! This wasn’t just another classic Chaos Megacharge prank. A tear of joy streams down your face. Even though your own mother forgot your birthday, the VirtuaDudes remembered. They are your true cyber-family.


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