The warp opens up, dropping you into the middle of an ancient combat arena. Across from you is an army sergeant in tan camo with gray skin and six arms, who floats in mid-air. Just looking at him, you bet he has a surprisingly complex backstory! A disembodied voice shouts “FIGHT” and the sergeant shoots ice at you from his many, many hands. Unbalanced much? 

You dodge the ice blasts as you run towards your opponent. Quickly, you grab his floating foot and throw him into a waiting iron maiden. Good thing that was lying around in the background! It crushes your opponent into a bloody mess.

A gold trophy appears out of thin air. Nope, wait, it’s a key. Way more useful.  

You Have +1 Golden Keys
(Unless you already collected this key. Yeah, your progress is saved.)

If you have 3 Golden Keys, click here. Otherwise…

A misshapen Warp Zone appears in the air with two sides – one is deep red, the other a dark green. Which side of the warp would you like to enter?

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