The warp opens up, spitting you out into a hellish world of demonic laughter, lava rivers, and the same three gray stone background textures over and over again. You walk around the corner and find a shotgun lying in a pool of blood. Sweet, a free gun! 

A mutant… claw… thing (?) spots you. It runs up on you, screaming bloody murder, biting the air with its giant sharp teeth! You blast it with the shotgun. The frightening monster explodes into dozens of tiny red cubes, which get all over you. Ugh, you’re covered in cubes. They’re so gross you could die.

You Have -1 Lives
(Unless you already lost this life. Yeah, your progress is saved.)

If you have 0 Lives, click here. Otherwise…

A misshapen Warp Zone appears in the air with two sides – one is dark green, the other a bright blue. Which warp would you like to take?

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