There is only one question you can think to ask. All the others are locked away in your mind prison, kept in their cells by headache guards. What a strange metaphor you thought of!

“What technology… can you… share with… us?” you psychically transmit.

“What do you need?” Sam/Phil wonders. “You already have photocopiers. That’s a big one. Do you have keychains that make a flatulence noise on command? Oh right, you do. Hmm… What else? We have teleporters, but they require one giant hand to operate. Wait, do you have disintegration rays? Those would be great for furthering the destruction of humans, which I think you’d be into. If I think of it later, I’ll mail you a couple d-rays.”

You can now ask the following:

“Can you leave me with proof of your existence?”

“Can you solve world hunger?”

Did you exhale? Click here.

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