You cut the yellow wire.

The countdown clock ticks 5… 4… 3… 2…

…and then it stops, dramatically. One of the googly eyes peels off the bomb and limply hits the pavement. Crisis averted.

“Noooo!” screams The Unlikeable Puppeteer, who takes off his very inconspicuous trench coat and wide-brimmed fedora and runs from the crowd. He hugs the bomb closely, rubbing his long beard and black turtleneck against the metal frame. The custom FAO Schwarz Muppet doll on his hand hugs it, too. “What have they done to you, my wonderful puppet bomb?”

“I think it was just a poor glue job on the eye,” you advise. “You should use stronger glue.”

“YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PUPPET GLUE!” snaps The Unlikeable Puppeteer, as two cops arrest him and throw him in a squad car.

“How did you know to cut the yellow wire?” asks channel 11 reporter Katie “Questions” O’Brien.

“He said ‘primary’ concern, and yellow is a primary color,” you bluffed. In reality, you were just guessing.

If only you had a nickel every time you saved the city from an evil puppet bomb. You would have 15 cents, in addition to the millions you already have in superhero endorsement deals.


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