What is this strange contraption you see before you? It’s as though a comfortable chair has been stretched longer than anyone previously imagined. Surely this is the work of a powerful sorcerer. You decide to see for yourself.  

You sit down on the comfortable purple padding and rest your feet along the magically unending foot rest. Immediately, you feel a sense of calm. Like you’re being cradled in the arms of your mother. Well, not your mother specifically. She was bony and unkind. But a soft, comfortable mother figure. You fall asleep on the chair in the cavern.

When you wake up, you find the chair’s cushions have attached to your armor like leeches. They’re trying to bite your flesh, but your armor protects you. So you continue your nap. They’ll tucker themselves out eventually, and this is still the most comfortable chair you’ve ever had the pleasure to know.


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