You’ve heard stories of cursed furniture in this cave. But you know what’s not furniture? A pile of gold. Sure, you can sit on it, but not everything you’re able to sit on is furniture. For example, you once sat on your little brother’s head, and even though you teased him by calling him “Chair Boy,” he is still a human being. (As far as you know…)

You bend your knees and sit down on an enormous pile of gold. There’s a satisfying jingling as the coins move beneath you. You catch your breath for a few moments. They say great wealth lets you relax, and now you see what they mean – that resting on gold itself is a tranquil experience.

After your rest, you take as much treasure as you can carry and leave the cave. You didn’t encounter any evil chairs on your journey. Years later, you’ll nearly be assassinated by a nasty cupboard, but that’s a story for another day.


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