A surly goon runs towards you with a machine gun wearing a suit and a scowl. 

“I hate these non-mobsters entering our mob-only factory,” the surly goon grumbles. “It makes me want to kill. Know what I mean? With bullets?”

The surly goon opens fire! You duck behind a conveniently located shipping crate, but not before a bullet grazes your leg. Gah, that smarts. People say “grazing” like it’s a cute sheep eating in a field, but bullets hurt when they collide with your flesh, even just a little bit.

You rip a piece of wood off the crate. When the goon comes around to finish you off, you smack him in the face with the wooden plank. He comically crosses his eyes and hits the floor.

You beat up 1 goon and lose -5 health points. Return to the email and beat up goons!

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