The robot is going to reject your plea for Earth Beer. However, if you can guess its passcode, you can override its system protocols and command it to get you a 6-pack. It’s worth a shot. 

“Passcode override: 0000… uh, 0?” you tell the android.

The android takes a moment to process what you told it.

“Passcode rejected,” the robot states. “I will be ignoring you now.”

The android leaves to enter the 7-Eleven-38W6D4-X. As you turn around to give your friends the bad news, something catches your eye by the metal trash tube: a bottle of Earth Beer! Someone must have thrown it away, like an idiot. It’s a half-full bottle! (Or half-empty, if you’re a space pessimist.)

As you all split half an Earth Beer from the garbage, and share each other’s backwash, you watch the two moons of Frezdor collide in the distance. You outstretch your fingerphone to record the moon-sanity.


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