The robot is going to reject your plea for Earth Beer. However, if you can guess its passcode, you can override its system protocols and command it to get you a 6-pack. It’s worth a shot. 

“Passcode override: 80085,” you tell the android.

The android takes a moment to process what you told it.

“Passcode accepted,” the robot states. “I will acquire the beer you seek in exchange for credits.”

You quickly transfer the credits to the android, not believing your luck. That’s the same password as your dad’s robot. 80085. What’s the significance of that number, you wonder? A few minutes later, the android returns with your beer.

As you’re drinking Earth Beers with your friends, and chucking the bottles at other customers, you send a zap-text to your father.

“Dad, why is the passcode on our errand bot 80085?”

“It’s a very funny number,” your dad responds. “You see, it’s how many clones of you I made and sold to Dark Lord Zargoth to mine astro-gems.”

Your father laughs to himself, thinking about all the money he made selling your clones into indentured servitude.


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