You were fully prepared to encounter a ghost hot dog eating contest in your rental home. On every trip, you pack at least three suitcases: one for clothes, one for amenities, and one for ghost capturing equipment. We’re talking spirit traps, proton pack, ecto helmet goggles, long range P. K. E. meter, and most importantly, a flashlight.

Fully equipped, you burst back into your AirBnB and blast the ghosts with neon streams of deadly Proton Energy! The ghost eaters spew hot dog chunks as they struggle to break free, but one-by-one you force them into spirit traps on the ground. A few fly away in terror out the window. As they leave, you yell at them to “tell their friends” about you.

Your AirBnB is successfully cleared of all ghosts! Did you destroy the refrigerator, leather sofa, and Bed Bath & Beyond paintings on the wall with the proton streams? Maybe. If the host asks, you’ll blame the ghosts. If he doesn’t believe you, does he really want to question someone armed to the teeth with deadly experimental weaponry? Your move, Zander.


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