You get a brilliant idea on how to trick the dognapping scum.

“I didn’t want it to come to this,” you bluff over the phone. “But I rigged my dog to explode. One push of a button and I’ll blow you both up.”

“We ran a metal detector over your dog and it didn’t beep,” the kidnapper states.

“That’s because it’s an organic bomb. What do you think I am, a monster?”

You can faintly hear the kidnappers discussing amongst themselves.

“Tell you what,” the kidnapper bargains. “Disable the bomb in your dog and you can have her back for $2K.”

“Deal, no take backs!” you exclaim. You’re not just a bounty hunter. You’re also a bargain hunter.

The next evening, you drop the money off in the ransom tree. Moments later, out of a bush your dog comes running out. She licks your face, and you lick hers. You’ve never been so relieved. $2K for a ransom is a pretty darn good deal!


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