You agree to train Stellar Artois. Immediately, you put Stellar through an intense training to make him less inclined towards violence, so he’ll be a kindly space wizard. The two of you meditate on a hover mountain. You supervise as he writes individual “just wanted to check in with you” texts to all his friends and family. Stellar gives you a piggy-back ride through a swamp, which was really more for you than him.

“I’ve taught you all that I can,” you tell Stellar. “Because I’m only a Junior Trainer. Would you like to sign up for advanced classes?”

“I know enough,” Stellar responds. “I will join the Intergalactic Rebellion to fight against bad dudes across the universe.”

You shake Stellar’s hand and he leaves StarPumpers forever. He goes on to become a renowned champion of the people when he defeats the insidious Weerd Nameoo in laser sword combat. Then Stellar gets an agent and makes a lucrative endorsement deal with InfiniMart, stars in a few action hypershows, buys a controlling share in StarPumpers, and becomes your new boss. You’re honored to have trained such a great hero, and you resent him for not returning your calls.


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