You agree to train Stellar Artois. Immediately, you put Stellar through an intense training to grow his space wizard powers. Stellar learns to change a room to other colors besides blood red, like hot pink and calming lavender. You show him how to set useful things on fire, like fraudulent bookkeeping and wanted posters for your manager’s arrest. Plus, you teach him how to spew lightning from his eyes, because that’s just plain cool.

“I’ve taught you all that I can,” you tell Stellar. “Because I’m only a Junior Trainer. Would you like to sign up for advanced classes?”

“I know enough,” Stellar responds. “I’m now powerful enough to intimidate my way up the ranks of a Fortune 5,000,000 company.”

You shake Stellar’s hand and he leaves StarPumpers forever. He goes on to take control of Grooble, a company that psychically extracts their users’ innermost fears for advertising opportunities. Under Stellar’s reign, the company starts uploading virtual nightmares of Stellar exploding them with his lightning eyes if they use their competitors’ products. The stock price quadruples, and you own a lot of Grooble stock!


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