You agree to train Stellar Artois. Immediately, you put Stellar through an intense fitness regime, which includes crunches (crushing robots with his bare hands), burpees (injecting him with intelligent “burpee” microbes that work out his intestines while he sleeps), and push-ups (using his arms to lift his body into the air). After a few months, Stellar has muscular arms, tight abs, and a rock hard ass you could bounce a laser beam off of.

“I’ve taught you all that I can,” you tell Stellar. “Because I’m only a Junior Trainer. Would you like to sign up for advanced classes?”

“I know enough,” Stellar responds. “I can now enter the Mr. Space Wizard Fitness Parade pageant and stand a fighting chance. Thanks to you.”

You shake Stellar’s hand and he leaves StarPumpers forever. He goes on to take third place in the Mr. Space Wizard Fitness Parade, losing points with the judges for accidentally blowing up half the orchestra with his mind. You regret focusing solely on Stellar’s physique and not training him to use his super powers, but still, third place!


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