“I’m sorry,” you apologize. “We’re not allowed to train evil space wizards like yourself. Store policy.”

“Who says I’m evil?” Stellar exclaims. “Because of how I look? This scar is from when I valiantly defended a village of Kribaabo orphans during The Great Battlebot Wars. My red eye is genetic, and black cloaks are slimming.”

“You caused chaos and destruction of property with your powers,” you counter.

“I know, that’s why I’m here! To train and get my powers under control,” he re-counters. “But now that a complete stranger has misjudged me one time, maybe I have to become evil…”

Stellar sucker punches you with a lightning fist attack, then shatters the glass front door with his mind and walks through it. After you catch your breath, and medical droids reconstruct your chest, your boss asks you to clean the mess up. You clean so well, you become StarPumpers Employee of the Hour!


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